Comment: I don't favor any marriage setup by the church or state

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I don't favor any marriage setup by the church or state

But if one "group" of people are allowed to do it then why not everyone else. If I could do my marriage over again, it would be between my wife/best friend and myself and not within a church or state setting. Only reason I see people getting married in that fashion is due to that is how it is supposed to be AND more importantly work benefits and being able to cash out IF a divorce happens.

I still don't understand how pastors can marry people when they know full well that they are not christians ( or whatever faith they preach )and actually believe that the marriage is centered around god at all. Just my thoughts but whatever people want to do, I say do it and don't let a church or government stop you.

I have seen more religious people within my lifetime get divorced compared to so called non-believers but then again I have a TON of bible thumpers in the wifes' and my family so maybe that is why the % seems higher to me. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana