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He is a very strict

He is a very strict Constitutionalist, Ron Paul himself referred to Brannon being called "the next Ron Paul"

He wrote Ron in in 2012, and stands behind that. He has a great understanding of the Constitution. And said this about Romney:

It is not easy to get a Tom Woods endorsement, he got one. Along with Ron Paul's endorsement.

Glen Bradley, a Paul supporter, and former NC State Rep helped convince Brannon to run.

Check out Greg's forum here and skip around if you like:

He is the real deal. He is the best man running in any federal race this cycle in my opinion. Better than Bright and the other names you know.

As far as marriage goes, that is an issue I don't pay much attention to.Do your own research if you care about that.
But since you brought it up, I will point out that Ron Paul supported DOMA.