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Ralph . . .

"old fellow"--

*taking a deep breath before committing myself to any words*

I do not blame former slaves for the state of the current economy in the U.S.

I don't see how you can. I don't blame the economic struggles I have had in my life on any group of people by race or ethnic group or language or national origin or religion.

What I do blame is the conspiracy of men and women who formed the FR, the conspiracy(ies) of men and women who championed socialism in the form of the depression's new deals and then later LBJ with his welfare for the descendants of former slaves.

But even those programs could never begin to come close to the amount of money that taxpayers have given for:

--weapons of mass destruction and foreign wars, many pre-emptive and most not necessary

--foreign aid (for all countries given aid)

--banker bail-outs and corporate welfare (which had been going on long before 2008)

I know that it is always easy to blame a group of people, usually people who are not behaving as you would like them to. Successful blacks may appear to you to be successful, because of quotas, so you resent them; unsuccessful blacks seem to you to be riding on your tax money--

but it is SO much easier to get upset about the current state of world affairs (and those right here in America) by blaming people who look and possibly even live (to some extent) differently from you.

It's a really easy thing to do, so simple.

I don't accept your arguments, Ralph.

I don't know how many people can.

You propose what, then?

That all people with dark skins be sent back to Africa, after having to pay, again, for the costs of the civil war to the north?

Wow, what a thought!

Then, when the U.S. economy gets no better, because you (and others with these nonsensical ideas have realized that it is not the fault of former slaves and their descendants), go for the next group of people with dark skins.

So easy to identify!

Oh, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph!

I have read some of your other posts, and some of them really are reasonable; what did you have for breakfast today?

*trying to lighten things up here*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--