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What do you mean?

I don't understand your question...

"Include the state"?

But I read the article and what the author is putting out makes no sense. He is literally defining the term "legalization" as necessarily including 'taxation'. He then claims 'decriminalization' simply removes criminal penalties. He is only demonstrating his ignorance of the legal system. As I said, in the state of CT, possession of less than 1/2 ounce has been 'decriminalized'. Yet it remains a 'violation'. So there are still penalties under the law. And that CT law is written so poorly that people are still getting arrested for small amounts based on technicalities.

As I said, what ACTUALLY MATTERS, is the written law itself, which will determines whether the Po-Po, in their mind, can assault you, kidnap you and rob you or not.

Please, don't even bother with the divisive stuff that guy was pushing. 'Decriminalization' or 'legalization' laws, in actual reality, often include taxation, and all kinds of other stipulations. The label doesn't matter, only the substance of the law. All that matters is the proposed written law, that's what should be concentrated on.

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