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I'm sorry

I wish you didn't have a government. I don't. I am nobody's slave. There are those who wish to beat me down, and there are thugs who would kill me to demonstrate their power. As with a wild bear who walks onto my property, I put my head down from time to time. But when it comes to who I answer to, I am me, and I answer to nobody.

For instance...

I am in a locality where it is legal (read: safe) to buy big freaking guns, walk around with them in public, and conceal them when at home or at work. It's fine to do all of these things completely privately, without registration, taxes, permission, etc. So, I do. I walk everywhere I can with a big freaking gun and go about my regular business. I strap that beauty on my hip for everyone to see. In order to walk around with a 3" butter knife in my pocket, I would have to get a Concealed Weapons Permit. It's "cheap" here, at only about $50. But it requires going to the court house to grovel and beg for permission. They are in turn required to give me that permit, provided I pass certain background checks. So, I refuse to go get one. I'll simply wear gigantic guns on the exterior of my person, plain for anyone to see.

And now, for the comment that might get me arrested.

My freedom is guaranteed by my right to defend myself. Anyone trying to take away my ability to defend myself is trying to either enslave me or kill me. So, as a free man, shouldn't I respond to any attempt to remove my firearms from me as a direct, calculated attack against my very life? Isn't it logical that one person stealing another person's gun is risking a justifiable homicide?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.