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I know but the thing is

when you have lots of people with relatively low IQs that are a result of the unequal nature of human evolution, and place them in a society with a lot of high IQ people who are able to earn a lot of money you're not gonna have an easy time convincing them that they *don't* deserve much of the wealth that the higher IQ people are making. Because what you're really saying, or at least how they interpret it, is that they're inferior. And they are in terms of ability to benefit a whole lot of people substantially through contributions in the market.

Personally I don't think 'rights' exist at all beyond a person's ability and willingness to enforce them. To me a right is just a synonym for ability. Because the whole notion that I have a sacred right to be free from aggression flies out the window if I say encounter a lion or a tiger in the jungle. The only reason why we have any 'rights' is because we mastered the art of using force. Today we are becoming a much softer people overall and as a result are losing much of our rights.