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Great, here's the plan....

Any ad campaign needs three things:
1) a landing page- this is where a person goes when an ad is clicked. It can be a YouTube video or an issues page or whatever. But to be successful it needs to be compelling.
2) ad text - this is a headline and two description lines. It should compel a person to want to click on the ad. Take a look at my TMOT ads to get an idea
3) keywords- these are words or phrases that, when searched in google, may trigger an ad to be shown

What page(s) do you think are the best at showcasing Brannan and his positions? If you could tell every voter to look at a page before voting, what page would it be?

What ad text would do the best job in promoting Brannan? What distinguishes him from the pack?

When someone searches google, what search keywords would you want to trigger an ad?

Give me some ideas on the above, and by this time tomorrow we'll have ads running :)

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