Comment: Quit trying to 'believe' in Rand... start studying the Paul's!

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Quit trying to 'believe' in Rand... start studying the Paul's!

Trusting you are not a govt bot, I shall endeavor to answer. Of course if you are a bot, your answer will tell us.:^)

Quit trying to 'believe' in things, and start learning history: about Dr. Paul, and about the son who spent much time at his side... even campaigning for him as a youngster in the late 1970's!

Quit 'believing' in Rand... he is too well an established voice for liberty to believe in... he is just an established fact!

That you maybe do not understand politics and CHESS I can understand. There is far far more at stake here than simple faith in persons, especially when the future of freedom and liberty, the life of our children's freedoms, are hanging in the balance! We are running out of precious time to do 'education' any more. We are now engaged in a battle of such great magnitude that it even escapes the grasp of the patriot grassroots, for their simple lack of chess and the critical nature of the fight!

Leave it at this: You can be certain, as a matter of historical fact, that Ron Paul fought for 40 years in the trenches of the world of politics, culminating in his greatest victory... the opening of the eyes and hearts of whole generations of Americans! He built his legacy on truth and consistency, but it was a legacy of knowledge and growth through education.

We have entered the next phase. This liberty war, due to the great forces for evil which have fattened themselves for a century upon the proceeds of the people's labor, is far more dangerous, and will tax the greatest of patriots, to a degree not seen since the beginning!

This monstrous hydra has strengthened itself through corruption to the degree that the battle to overthrow now requires their own medicine... the ammunition of cunning! That battle Ron Paul only alluded to, and only started!

If you want to understand the next war for liberty, the throes of which we have already entered, you will need to study the past history of Dr. Ron Paul, his recommended resources, then the differences between his armaments and those of Dr. Rand Paul. That means the nuances of every comment!

These differences and changes are not the 'preferences of gentlemen'! These are made so terribly necessary under the exigencies of this great day of battle into which we have entered!

And yet, supporting Rand, I still strategically say...

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!

Now, of course if you are a gov't anti-Paul, defend the FED, bot... none of this will compute, and you will come back with a comment about climate change, or more 'Rand said', disinformation!