Comment: I can't believe this posting

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I can't believe this posting

I can't believe this posting has so many comments, for it reaffirms my initial fear that many conservatives will never give up trying to be the moral authority and attempt to tell other folks how to live. Anyone can hire a hooker and get married at a courthouse tomorrow and it would be legal. It doesn't mean your church sanctioned it nor does it mean you have to approve of the hooker and the guy. How you live your life and decide who you love shouldn't be any of my concern. Last I checked two guys having a legal marriage so they can divide up property or gain access to the hospital to see their loved one doesn't infringe on your life, liberty, or property. There's many family situations that I think are strange and couples that make no sense to me, but I also understand that it isn't my place to bar other people from living the way I see fit.
If Rand and the republicans focus on economic liberty and reducing unemployment while staying away from social issues they can have a future. As long as you beat the bible at gay folks and turn a religious belief into a political stance you will scare away thinking people. Everyone has had a gay friend, relative, co worker, or child. Having large majorities of morons voting to bar a group of people from marrying isn't liberty it's tyranny. Since when is it a good idea to allow voters to pass laws taking rights away from a group of people? How can you be on the side of liberty if you support such an idea?