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Greg Brannan Adwords Campaign Started...

Ok I have a new campaign running in North Carolina for Greg Brannan.

8 ads are running in total. 2 ads are for Rand Paul's endorsement, like this one:

Sen Paul Endorses Brennan
Rand Paul endorses best man for
US Senate in North Carolina

6 ads point to Brennan's campaign website. 2 ads point to the News page where Endorsements are listed. One ad is for the Mike Lee endorsement, the other for the GOA endorsement. Finally, 4 ads point to Issues pages, like this ad pointing to the Obamacare issues page:

Defund Obamacare
Brennan: Defund & Repeal Obamacare
Greg Brannan for US Senate NC

As the ads start to run, I'll post updates just like I'm doing for the TMOT campaign.

If you think of good ad text or good sites to point to, just let me know :) If you want to start your own campaign for Brennan, let me know how I can help.

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