Comment: I just have to say, before I turn in...

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I just have to say, before I turn in...

What a beautiful post. Aesthetically pleasing. All those embedded links, as well as an image, aligned to the left with a nice margin.

Not to mention all the cultural nuggets. I can't believe that people have been 'partying' for nearly 100 years now.

Those were awesome times, kiddo. I always love reading stuff like that.

And now, if you were to write the future history of 2014 (say in 2108), what would that include?

I've been reading about 1913. It wasn't the Belle Epoque for everyone. For most life was a daily grind of just trying to survive. But with the nostalgia of hindsight, the era took on an air of romanticism. I can't help but feel that we're living in a similar time.

We're on the cusp -- of something. The machines are on the march, but they haven't taken over yet. Life seems weird and complicated now, but we ain't seen nothin' yet. I think back to that ELO song...

Remember the good old 1980's / When things were so uncomplicated / I wish I could go back there again / and everything would be the same...

In 2003, I bought a beat up old 1984 Rabbit convertible for $300. Just to have it and drive it around for a few months before I left for my new life in Taiwan. I loved it! As long as it wasn't raining, the top was down. It was cheap enough that if anything went majorly wrong, I could just junk it.

At any rate, what I remember about that car: No cupholders. There was a time when cars came without cupholders. Of course they don't now - they practically come with dining room tables now. But back then, when it was made in 'the good old 1980's' people didn't drink coffee and drive, I guess.

At any rate - thank you for the post, and the book. Looks great. I've got to work on my speed reading skills.


He's the man.