Comment: “Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.” Fitzgerald

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“Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.” Fitzgerald

1913 looks good. I just love early 20th century anything. It was such a unique time in history. Yes, I think we are also entering another very unique period of history. One could argue that all periods of history are unique and I suppose they are in their own way, but the evolution of humans and technology really started taking off and changing everything about the world we know.

I think we right now, I think we are what will be known as 'the missing link' hundreds of years from now. The step between humans and robots. The in between. Our link might not actually go missing, but it will be the same theory. How did we make the change from human beings to mechanical robots....this is the period where that is taking place. And robots will contemplate the evolution of robots and say...there is no way we could have possibly come from humans, they were animals, we are not, we are too smart, too special to have come from them, but they did come from us. We are making them right now, we are using our bodies to create robots. What do you think about that?

Meh....I could be wrong. It's happened before, it will no doubt happen again.

I wish people dressed like this still.

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Janet Hobhouse wrote a bit about this cultural scene in Everybody who was Anybody. She talks about the Fitzgerald's and Hemingway and of course Stein. The book is mediocre, the writing is mediocre, and since your list seems to be growing as quick as mine, I wouldn't even put it near the top especially considering you are getting the best of The Lost Generation here. I don't think anyone else in the world has the edition of that book that you have. Anyways, even with my reading skills, I can barely keep up with my ever growing list especially since I started browsing the DP bookshelf made by Robot Jon, Jon is already part robot so he does not have to fear the upcoming robot apocalypse which is much more realistic than the zombie apocalypse.

But as you said, it was not all flash and pomp. Early 20th century was a hard time for some. I think it just looks prettier looking back on it. But then I do think there was some extra romanticism to that time because until then technology had moved at a much slower less shocking pace. I mean, humans rode on horses for a long time before they started making automated vehicles, but once that got under way next thing ya know we are flying across oceans, and landing on the moon (maybe landing on the moon?) So the romanticism of that time period comes from an innocence dying. That is when human innocence really started to die.

Huh, I wonder what I will think of this comment when I read it tomorrow. It sounds decent right now, but maybe it is babble.