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Comment: Excuse me, but

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Excuse me, but

I thought this site was to support Liberty and Freedom, which we were enlightened to by Dr Ron Paul? Michael warned early on, that this site wasn't about Rand and his further ambitions, which many refuse to abhore. If Rand does something to promote our cause and it's posted on this site, that's great. But, when Rand sides with the anti-Liberty Globalist agenda of forcefully pushing a world Totalitarian Governance controlled by a Bankster Cabal, his good deeds are automatically negated by his support of this agenda. There is no 'playing politics' when you support interventionist foreign policies, where people become slaves to the Bankster cabal by their interjected puppet government leaders, and/or are murdered for not wanting to comply. I believe, Ron has come out strongly against these actions of late, to hopefully awaken his son, without directly telling him 'hey dumbazz what the hell are you doing'? Rand made the huge mistake getting in bed with the evnagelical Zionists, which was more than likely pushed by Judas Benton. Now, he is stuck in a Catch 22, and don't expect his father to throw out his lifelong convictions to allow Rand to go rogue. You need to ask yourself the question, who's lying Ron or Rand? Ron knows 'the Truth will set you free', apparently Rand doesn't believe in this statement by Christ?