Comment: Paul Craig Roberts, laying it bare

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Paul Craig Roberts, laying it bare

As he often does.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and I'll probably repeat it again from time to time -

Rand "Mitt Romney for President" Paul is poison, as are all the lying, scheming hucksters that hold power in this once republic, now the seedling of a NWO authoritarian regime.

I couldn't say it better myself so I'll just quote Paul Craig Roberts:

"If Rand Paul is the hope for America, then clearly there is no hope."

It's usually about this time the trusty "lesser of two evils" gag will get trotted out. It never gets old, it never gets tired. Election cycle after election cycle, decade after decade, the people line up and fall for it. The establishment rolls on. Bigger, stronger, deadlier. More and more beyond ever being reigned in again.

My advice is to opt out of the rigged game. I'm not saying give up on activism. I am saying any politician that is part and parcel of the establishment is by definition expressly opposed to the political ideals that I pursue. I have no intention of participating in my own ruination by continuing to support them. Lesser of two evils should really be a non starter by now. Unfortunately it is still the establishments go to tool for manipulation of the populace.