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Mass appeal

Is of, by and for the establishment. Rand is an establishment boy. As such he is a panderer. Panderers attempt to con and deceive as many disparate political groups at once as they can so as to achieve this mass appeal. The establishment media is the other essential component. Whatever mass appeal the panderer cannot generate by honest pandering, the establishment media will provide by manipulating the thinking of the rest. The average muppet won't know anything about Rand but they will hear on fox news that he's the front runner so they'll support him.

So when Rand talks out one side of his mouth one day about liberty and nsa encroachment and debt and deficit he's pandering to a certain segment. Then when he talks out the other side of his mouth another day about policing the world and foreign interventions and Israel first, he's appealing to another segment. The hope is to fool as many people as possible, as continually as possible, thereby achieving mass appeal. The establishment media will do the rest.

It's worth noting that the panderer seeking mass appeal and political power is the opposite of the statesman, who does not seek mass appeal but instead focuses on informing and educating as much of the the electorate as will listen, so that when the time comes for competition in the marketplace of ideas, more people will be up to speed with the important information about what is happening to them and their country, and will be able to act, better in their best interest.

The panderer has a different outlook. For them, the ends justifies the means. Why try to enlighten people people to change the world for the better when you can just grab control of as much of it as you can and change it yourself as best you see fit?