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The fact that I can't tell

The fact that I can't tell between a rambling madwoman and someone communicating God's message means I am ignorant on the singular issue, not that my mind is in a perpetual state of ignorance.

Since my gut doesn't get inspiration from a woman rambling on about free masons as a divine message, it makes me think in this case she was not inspired by God. Perhaps the devil being such a trickster was behind this one. Something moved her, and it was spiritual.

I suppose an atheist would argue something about brain chemicals being out of balance and then be unable to elaborate on the exact cause of it. Not enough serotonin, because of a malfunction we can't explain, blah blah blah. They would certainly conjure up some faith on the matter. First you are mentally ill if you are gay, now you are mentally ill if you hate gays. Ah science...such a bedrock of conclusive reasoning for those that lack any spirituality, lol.