Comment: I don't like Paul Craig Roberts

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I don't like Paul Craig Roberts

I was very impressed by Dr. P C Roberts when I began reading his articles published at and counterpunch 06? Before Ron Paul was campaigning.. I just loved that PCR was a conservative republican who had been in Reagan's administration because no one knocked Bush down better than PCR. The liberal's were awed as well, Sheehan, code pink, Nader.. whatever anyone had to say bad about Bush, no one could beat PRC. He doesn't beat up Obama (Remionds me of the poster proud american first, slams republicans but you won't see anything about democrats).

I've read a lot of conspiracy in my life.. bought books and magazines as far as I can remember.. "The Illuminatus" Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.. awesome conspiracy, will get you.. it got me to the point I suddenly understood programming/ brainwashing.. as people want to be brainwashed.. same kinda urge like eating.. they choose what they eat/read... and this began to make anti-war appear as a program. It is not organic, it is very programmed, with conspiracy as entertainment, but people don't know it's entertainment, which is what PCR and Ron Paul are.

So what's going to be interesting is watching how Ron Paul responds, because I'm sure he is going to ignor this jab, all anti-war writers have to be perched to see what Ron Paul says about PCR attacking his son...if Ron says nothing (my guess, because when he's weak, he fades away) the hiys on Rand from the left and friends are going to heat up because people read about Rand.. writer need to write about what people are interested..

Finally people have told me that I try to divide the DP community posting about Israel.. I'm not dividing anything, just exploring what I learned.. yet the idea of divided DP seed was planted and I believe if there is a divide, it will be over Rand.

I like Rand, enjoy what he has to say.. wish I could go see him in Berkeley tomorrow.. anyways.. PCR IMO is writing about Rand because PCR is a hit artist, especially on conservative targets.. he gets paid for writing crap about conservatives.