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Get a TH

As an owner of a TH in a high cost suburban area I'd go with a TH. Just be sure to do your homework on crime rates and talk to neighbors. With a TH you take responsibility for more of the maintenance which saves money in the long run. You'll still likely have to deal with an HOA, but they're a step up from a condo association. Also most townhomes have a bit of a yard where you can have a small garden in the backyard. A single family sounds nice, but then you're looking at double the cost and double the property taxes, with few added benefits.

Read the entire HOA or condo guidelines before making an offer (usually available on the association website). You may be surprised at what you cannot do with your property - for example our garden can not be larger than a certain percentage of the total lot size. The size and type of everything imaginable that one could put in a yard is subject to approval.