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Thanks for the info

I'm curious about just what TH owners are responsible for, individually and jointly through the HOA.

With a condo, the Association is obviously responsible for the roof. But with a townhouse, every unit has its own roof. Is that the responsibility of each individual unit owner, or is that pooled?

What does the HOA for a town house community cover?

Crime in the area is definitely something to consider. I would also recommend coming by at different times of day and night to observe the property. The last thing you want is noisy, partying neighbors at night, or some other source of noise that cannot be controlled.

A friend of mine lived by a Dunkin Donuts, and every morning at 2 am or something, a big truck would come by unloading supplies and ingredients, waking him up. It made him miserable.

Thanks for the information! Much appreciated. I will pass it along.

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