Comment: She might not have ranted

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She might not have ranted

She might not have ranted while at the podium but that it ended with the rant we hear from the audio at the elevators. In fact none here knows what she said at the podium and since no transcript or audio has been released from a situation where it should have been more than easy to get a hold of that audio (read my comment far below about audio engineering), people don't want you to know what she said. Infact someone is trying to fool you into thinking that the rant at the elevators was the rant at the podium. Someone took the time to superimpose the audio on top of the video, sync it with her hand movements and removed the "ding" from the elevators that clearly could be heard in the audio from the first days upon this happening.

So clearly someone is trying to make you think that it was a rant, or a pointless god/free mason rant. That makes this even more suspicious since the editing I can see in the videos posted about does take some time, effort and skill to do.

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