Comment: Most HOA's build in absolute authority over your property.

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Most HOA's build in absolute authority over your property.

And they also maintain the right to foreclose, levy penalties, etc etc. The contracts are legal and binding and usually draconian, so while sad, that woman should do what she is told and then sell, before she get's fined into foreclosure.

Usually the HOA's are made up of the residents, elected. Which presents a bigger problem than it sounds. I lived in one home that the HOA was ran by a real estate agent on the block. Her priority was high home values, so literally, even the smallest annoyance to her and she would rake the person over the coals.

HOA's have the same flaws as government. They are ran by the few, who have their own personal priorities but are given power over the rest. As mentioned, they aren't always bad, but 99% of the time, they are. And if they are perfect today, there is no guarantee that a change in leadership won't result in it turning bad, fast.

Just too much future risk for me to ever take on, even in what seems to be a good situation at the moment.

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