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i asked you what you thought of the rest of the (current article) and you simply ignored the question. i find that rude. of course they don't agree on some things, neither do rand and his father. if you think everybody must agree on everything you must have a very hard time of it. yes the publication is relevant to the discussion. they don't just publish anybody at TRPI, and if there was an inkling that PCR didn't support ron or didn't like him (your idea) that article would not be published. I've read a number of PCR articles at the libertarian site of lew rockwell where well over a hundred are published and just reading the titles one can see whose side he's on.

of course i'll admit when i'm wrong. i'm a fallible human being, but your idea that just because PCR was truthful about how he felt about rand's behavior does not mean that he doesn't or hasn't supported ron, and that both men don't agree on a lot and have a mutual respect for each other. it's silly to think otherwise.
now i think we've both had our say on this subject, but please feel free to have the last word.