Comment: I would not buy a condo or

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I would not buy a condo or

I would not buy a condo or townhouse.

They are not good investments in the long run.

There's no guarantee that the, "neighbors," are going to be courteous or quiet. If your friend buys a townhouse with a family of 4 above him, he might have to invest in ear plugs to sleep. Reminds me of when I used to live in an apartment...kind of like hell on earth.

If your friend buys a townhouse, he's not even guaranteed a parking spot unless he buys a garage. Imagine that, pulling up to your new, "home," and not being able to find a parking spot that isn't more than 50 feet away if the, "neighbors," are having a party.

Buy a house. There's nothing like pulling into your own driveway at the end of a long day, pushing the overhead door button and easing your car into your very own garage.

Having your own backyard is a big plus too. And if your friend wants to own a pet in the future, he won't have to ask permission to do so.

Mowing the lawn and taking care of your own property isn't hard, it's fun.

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