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this is why deigo garcia was brought up in the first place.. it's no longer about over 200 people missing. forget that. LOOK AT DIEGO GARCIA! More "America is a bad BAD shameful no good place".

the 60 minutes story is slanted.. and what's the kicker is these people (population on diego garcia began when the british establsied the island, fed everyone spam because living on an island with nothing but coconuts and fish may sound cool.. but it's not.

The people were evacuated in 1965.. 40 years ago.. they want to go back and work for the military. IOWs they hate where they are and hope that by going back and being giving military jobs, they will be OK, because having family on the island since 1778 (228 settlers) makes them indiginous. Wow. That means I'm 100 percent indiginous to North America!

A plane with over 200 people is missing? Who cares? Let's find crap to blame America and make Americans feel that they shiould be ashamed. The NWO anti-USA propeganda machine is spinning! whew!