Comment: Obama should teach Putin how to be a real Man

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Obama should teach Putin how to be a real Man

Well, who is the strongest nation in the world and who can do whatever she wants to do: clearly not the impoverished Russia but our great country America! So, how it is possible that they (the Russians) just went ahead and annexed Crimea and maybe the whole Ukraine (next week)? Are we here to stand and just watch? Who is the virtuoso political player in the world - Putin? Our president is also a Man and WE definitely CAN DO IT! Instead of standing and complaining or playing with some funny "sanctions" on few individual, our best strategy is to show to Putin the full power of our empire - yes, we can do it too! Our president should immediately proceed to implement an imminent annexation of Canada (clearly Mexico is out of question!). Show those Russians how to do it right! I guess, we will need to make some renaming too - Quebec should just be the State of North Louisiana and British Columbia ... well maybe call it Washington's Columbia. I also have mixed feelings about Regina - anybody has a good idea how we should call it? I am sure that this is the best (and the safest economically) solution to the present political crises that will reinstall our greatness and glory for the next 1000 years. :D

(Please do not take it seriously - or maybe you should)

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
---Kalu Rinpoche