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Off the top of my head,

He voted against expanding tricare coverage for autism. If I went through every vote, there would be a few more I could disagree with, but I don't have the time right now, that, and I wouldn't fault him without hearing an explanation from his own mouth first. It wouldn't be fair to judge based on perception, as often times people seem to vote against a good bill, but do so because of dirty amendments. Politicians also fail to cast a vote on certain issues when that would be their best course of action, politically speaking.

I don't agree with him on prosecuting Edward Snowden, or on sanctioning Russia. Two things his dad also does not agree with him on. The neocon friendly position he takes on foreign policy is the biggest deal breaker for me. Defense ends at our borders. I really admire Ron Paul, but his son is too much of a diluted version for my taste.