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If you like conspiracy theories..

This theory might appeal to you:

Looking at a larger map of SE Asia and the Indian Ocean, it looks like this might have been a possible destination. If the US is keeping terrorists there, specifically Khalid Sheik Muhamad, then Al Qaida might have wanted to crash the plane there or land there and force the US into a tense negotiation of trading a few hundred Chinese for Khalid. If we refuse, China gets pissed at us, if we oblige, we release a suspected terrorist. The plane would have enough fuel to make this trip. However, the sharp turn to divert would have burned some of the fuel. Also, if they took the plane up real high to depressurize the cabin and try to kill the passengers or at least knock them unconscious would burn a lot of fuel. I'm hearing that the plane got taken up near it's flight ceiling. If those maneuvers burned too much fuel, it would have never made it to Diego Garcia.

Then again, maybe we shot it down to avoid the international incident. Wouldn't be hard to get away with if no one knows where the plane is to begin with.

Has anyone tried asking the NSA where the plane is at?