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stop nit picking and lying

PCR if you want to get technical is an economist. he is independent and outspoken and known for no BS. he is anti statist, anti war, anti police state, pro snowden and pro ron paul. if you want to split hairs you could say he has a strong libertarian streak hence he is included at LRC and The Ron Paul Institute. however he is not afraid to critique libertarians either, something that certain ones cannot seem to tolerate.

i did not call rand a neocon. stop lying. and if you read closely you'll see that PCR did not exactly call him one either. rand has not become mad dog mccain, but his TIME piece and other statements make you wonder how far he will end up going in that direction. as i said in my other reply to you i think we've been around in circles enough on this non-issue. i don't always agree with PCR but i always enjoy his writing, as they obviously do at LRC, The Ron Paul Institute, Anti-War etc.