Comment: Not an orange

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Not an orange

A sell out, a traitor, a betrayer. Those terms come to mind.

How fast we forget the feeling when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Ronmey, at that very critical time just before the national primary in FL.

Still so many need a dear leader that they rationalize even the most blatant act of treachery done right in front of their face, calling it some type of game to make it sound not so bad.

This is the daily Paul. Ron Paul had a message, Rand Paul has one to. Rand Paul message is one of love for IzUnReal. One of betrayal, I dont care that he betrayed his father even though that is unbelievable, even the possibility that Ron Paul was in on the betrayal. Rand betrayed the message and every day continues to do so.

BS Just another Rand Paul political propaganda piece. Wont ever work.