Comment: Two faces of tyranny: "nations" and "laws" (from Jeremy Locke)

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Two faces of tyranny: "nations" and "laws" (from Jeremy Locke)

Two excerpts from Jeremy Locke's mind-boggling book The End of All Evil

On "the rule of law":

The rule of law is the single most dangerous idea ever inflicted upon mankind.

It has gone by countless names throughout the ages of history. In more basic tribes it is known as respect for elders. In the tyranny of royalty, it is known as nobility, birthright and divinity. In communism it is known as the supremacy of state. In dictatorships it is known as the antidote to anarchy. In theocracies it is known as revelation.

The net teaching of this idea is that you are to obey the law, not because of its merits or its morality. You are to obey only because it is the law. It is assumed that even if the law is wrong, then it is right to follow because it supports the system, and the system is more important than you.

In order for an intelligent person to choose what is right, they must know who is asking obedience of them, they must consider why it is being asked, and what it is they are being asked to do. Only then can they decide for themselves if it is right. This is not what authority wants. Authority is not concerned with you doing what is right, it is only concerned with obedience.

Culture teaches that the nature of the law and what it asks you to do are irrelevant. Culture teaches that obedience is propriety. Culture teaches that when law is created it becomes morality.

Law is a weapon. It is used by evil to attack its prey. Whether in the name of duty to king, loyalty to state, or rule of law, law is the weapon used to extort and control. Culture upholds the nobility of law. Culture teaches that law is proper and good. It never questions who wrote the law; tyrant and brother are the same. Culture never questions whether or not the law is right. You are to obey no matter what it says. In this fashion, law is a powerful weapon to be used against you. All principalities create volumes of laws that take lifetimes to understand and armies of lawyers to manipulate. All of these things are weapons in the hands of the powerful, which they will use at your expense.

Law holds value only to those who create it, and only because your culture demands that you obey it. The purest invitation to tyranny is your commitment to obey law regardless of what it says. Against you, the law becomes the perfect weapon. Whomever controls the law, controls you. Your worth is measured by the extent of your obedience.

If you believe that being "law-abiding" makes you a good person, you are wrong. It makes you a happy slave.

And Locke wrote this, about "nations":

As the cultures of royalty disintegrated, nations were created to replace them. Authority sought the same stability of extortion that kingdoms provided, but needed to escape the understanding that people had learned about the tyranny of royalty. They created a new enemy, called “them,” and a new culture called “we.”

Nations drew lines across the globe and eventually swallowed up every inch of inhabitable land known to man. All those who live within these lines become the property of the state. They are taught that they own their governments by means of democracy, communism, theocracy and race. They are taught that their nations belong to them. This is the culture of “we.” The truth is that their nations own them.

Nations are created and borders drawn to create stability for authority. While royalty improved stability by convincing people that they owed allegiance to authority, nations took a bigger step and taught people that they were the authority. National cultures deceive the minds of people to more effectively extort money and control.

As soon as you lend credibility to a predatory institution, they will make prey of you. Disguised as sheep, they will have you believe that they are defending you from anarchy, or any other kind of enemy they can devise. Their laws do not speak of these enemies; they speak of you, how much money you owe, and what you will do for them.

Government is an agent of force. As soon as power is yielded to authority, as soon as you give it license to take life and liberty, it becomes an agent of evil. Evil men who seek authority over you will not fight government. All evil that wants is power over you. Evil naturally seeks its place in government.

There have been many forms of nations created, all with varying degrees of effectiveness in their control. Without exception, the strongest governments are those whose culture most effectively convinces people that the people are the government. All others soon fall. This is why democracies are the strongest form of nation possible.

"Nations" are like ranches, run for the benefit of the ranchers, not their cattle. If you are proud to be a "citizen" of some "nation," you are domesticated cattle.

If you'd like to see the whole book, you'll have to download or read it online, here:
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Don't feel guilty about taking a free download; the author is no longer selling copies, and the book was published without copyright. Wish I knew what happened to him -- certainly "Jeremy Locke" was not his real name, and his website is defunct. The book is FREAKING INCREDIBLE. Read it.

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