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You're a Sad Person

PCR is absolutely a statist. For you to say otherwise is either to be outright ignorant or disingenuous. He absolutely called him a neocon and you by extension with your inane defense of it. Just like a liberal; you will lie with a straight face and call the other a liar.

He does not have a strong libertarian streak. He is a Keynesian. He despises the Austrian School. You don't even know the man's politics and yet you continue with childish arguments... Unbelievable. Anyone with a half a brain who reads this will know you're a fraud.

Once again, since you seem to be thick to understand... LR or RPI would publish an essay by Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. That doesn't mean anything yet you keep throwing it back into the conversation as if it means something.

You are either very young or a woman... Or both.