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"We would not wish it to become general knowledge that some of the inhabitants have lived on Diego Garcia for several generations and could, therefore, be regarded as 'belongers'." -Memorandum of Guidance, Eleanor Emery, head of the Indian Ocean Department at the FCO, November 13, 1970.

"On at least some of the islands there lived in the 1960s a people called the Ilois. They were an indigenous people: they were born there, as were one or both of their parents, in many cases one or more of their grandparents, in some cases (it is said) one or more of their great-grandparents. Some may perhaps have traced an earlier indigenous ancestry." -The Queen (ex parte Bancoult) v. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, [2001] Q.B. 1067, 2000 WestLaw 1629583 (High Court of England and Wales, Queen’s Bench Division, Administrative-Divisional Court, London, November 3 2000, judges Lord Justice John Grant McKenzie Laws, Mr. Justice Richard John Hedley Gibbs)

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