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Caterpillars don't choose to

Caterpillars don't choose to become butterflies or moths, it's a biological function that happens without will. The caterpillar also already exists. Animals are lame things to use for human arguments, seeing as how they are completely driven by instinct, don't think, don't make decisions, don't realize they're alive, etc. while humans are the opposite. The statement that a person has the choice to have been born is a classic example of an oxymoron.

There are only a handful of countries where such things are forced by law, and yet there are hundreds of countries that exist, lame argument for living these 2 countries with a blind passion.

What is fun about politics? I repeat, politics is not elections and voting, politics is about lying your way into office with promises you intend not to keep because you're paid to break the very foundations a nation was built on. How is being involved in that fun? I bet you watch a lot of reality TV on that old "learning channel" and other networks that once had dignities.

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