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As I replied on a different

As I replied on a different comment of yours, the video for some technical reason would not play. Maybe it is my web browser or something, not sure. Had it worked I would have watched it.

I saw the description about it being the NAP and children, but I was unable to watch. I can say though that the NAP cannot apply to children the same as adults and in some circumstances you would have to admit it to be true.

If you let you child climb a tree and they fall off of it and hurt themselves, your are a neglectful parent. If you physically stop an adult from doing it you are using physical force to control them, which is a violation of the NAP. You have to violate the NAP for the safety of a child that does not know better. The NAP cannot logically be applied to a child the same as an adult. An adult woman can give her consent to have sex with a man, an 11 year old girl cannot give consent. Is that young girl being denied her right, or being protected? Children are incapable of informed consent in many circumstances, and their choices are not fully informed as to their own safety.