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Abortion has always been

Abortion has always been around and it always will be. When I was young it was done in a back ally with a coathanger. Many times the woman died. I think we need to go back to those days. I've stated many times and any scientist who is honest will admit that a fertilized egg IS human. It is only the stage of development that is an issue and if you can say that it's ok to kill that human at 20 days but not 30 days you are on very shaky ground. I do not believe the goons in DC should regulate, punish, pay for or in any way interfere with the abortion issue. If a woman is able to abort her child and not get caught by the community then she has gotten away with murder. If a local group of people do not feel like punishing her for this act, she can take it up with her Creator. That is the way it's been for 1000's of years and that is the way we should leave it. Sorry but there's no way you can make a woman want her child and if she kills it, there's no reason we need to whitewash her act - SHE COMMITTED MURDER! The DC goons can't claim "jurisdiction" over a local murder. The feds have no say-so in the matter...