Comment: NO Spanking!

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NO Spanking!

you are being a very poor role model to your child if you do! I have raised my kids with greatest sucess simply by being a rock of credibility.
1. you have to make some rules, write them down, make a schedule of when, what for whom and how...and make it SIMPLE! Be FAIR! Be Kind!
2.when a child breaks a rule it has to know already in advance what toy will be confiscated or what priviledge will be temorarily suspended.Always do what you say you would! Never argue w. your spouse!
3. in rare occasions you may have to physically contrain a child to transport them or calm them down. Do it as a strong, firm and loving, confident parent, with a smile.
4. you have to be a leader they look up to or they will disrespect and trample over you instead of being guided, feeling protected and inspired.

Gerald Mangold