Comment: I don't spank and I don't punish

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I don't spank and I don't punish

I still discipline constantly. Punishment and discipline aren't synonymous. I teach my children what TO do. I tell them to "try again" if they already know, but need to dig a little deeper to remember it. There are a million things TO do without punishing if the focus stays on teaching.

I want my children to develop their intrinsic sense of right and wrong and spanking is entirely about extrinsics. Part of spanking culture is to tell kids that they need to be spanked to develop properly morally. If the kid grows up believing that and doesn't question it early enough in life, he'll think he needs to spank his own kids for them to grow up properly morally. It's about not being able to face that your parents did it when they didn't need to and that's a rough thought, but people need to be brave enough to consider it to end the generational passing down of this practice.

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