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I've been thinking about that "why" of your question.

Here are some possibilities:

1. A coincidence meaning nothing. Flying was not only this pilot's job, it was his hobby. He loved it with 30 years in the air. This guy was so thorough and prepared that he wanted to be familiar with every runway in the region including not only commercial, but also non-commercial airfields. He wanted to always be prepared for every contingency or emergency, so he practiced for any possible scenario.
2. He was practicing for something diabolical like a hijacking and a DG landing as part of the plan. He thought that having five simulations would to enough to camouflage and distract away from the DG landing program. He didn't think it would matter.
3. The NWO cannot do anything without leaving a calling-card after the fact or telling us something is going to happen before the fact. It's some kind of a 'code of conduct' that they must follow. The DG approach simulation was this required evidence to be left behind.
4. With this pilot's ulterior motives and knowledge of Western thinking, he knew that we would get so focused upon the DG approach simulation that he actually landed at one of the other four runways.
5. The pilot was a double agent. He agreed to hijack the plane with the help of our government, but he also wanted to screw the US in the process. Perhaps he already knew that he was going to be killed when his job was over anyway, like the Navy Seals were. He purposefully left the files on his simulator knowing that eventually all other possibilities would be excluded except DG.