Comment: This article does not represent the views of most pro-choicers

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This article does not represent the views of most pro-choicers

Abortion has been practiced for over 3,000 years. So, it's completely irrational to suggest that there is some kind of "slippery slope" that will result in society becoming less moral. After all, there has been over a 50% reduction in violent crime since Roe V. Wade. Obviously I do not believe the reduction in violence is related to abortion, it just proves that your "slippery slope" theory is flat out wrong. I personally believe that abortion is awful, but I do not want the government throwing women and doctors in prison for performing abortions. It's really not the government's place to interfere with patient/doctor relationships. And I very much do not like it when pro-life people call pro-choice people murderers. A woman who chooses to have an abortion is nothing like a thug who murders a store clerk during a robbery. Plus, it is irrational. If life begins at conception, are all doctors and women who take the birth control pill also murderers? The birth control pill works primarily by altering hormones to prevent fertilization of the egg. However, the birth control pill is capable of preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg. It warns you about it right on the label. I find the "abortion is murder" crowd to be very inconsistent when it comes to which abortions count as murder. It seems more like the "abortion is murder" crowd just wants to act holier than thou.