Comment: Sometimes it's needed

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Sometimes it's needed

Of course it's a last resort, and it's NEVER something you do if you're not cool headed. But before it's administered spend time explaining why it's going to happen. You are not teaching violence to the child if done in that way.

Young parents have the most difficulty, as they are just learning about how to understand and deal with kids and may not have the patience to exhaust all other options. (besides all the stress in establishing and maintaining a new household - been there done that and made plenty of mistakes) This is where you must be careful, as that will teach them that violence is an acceptable first response.

Your job as a parent is to teach your children to become independent adults who can interact with others well. Being their buddy is not. That comes after they're much older. There is no substitute for patience when disciplining a child.

A well understood spanking teaches better decision making.