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I apologize that you are

I apologize that you are angered easily by such small things... I didn't have the time to go google or even remember the spellings or doctors names and studies at the time because I was doing other things..

"Also, comparing wife-beating to slapping a child on the ass is ridiculous. One is an adult who is being hit with the intent of causing physical/emotional harm; the other is intended to correct behavior."

Yup, "correcting their behavior" was EXACTLY why women used to get beat... If she didn't act right then she got the belt, just like kids now. It's the exact... same... thing..

"I know it's nice to live in an imaginary world where little children can grasp complex, heavily nuanced situations and you can debate philosophical concepts with them when they misbehave rather then physically showing them that they misbehaved, but that isn't the case."

Or you could just be a mentor to them and teach your young child what is what in this world.. You know, actually parent the child... I'd like you to give me an example as to a time that you can't explain behavior to a child and HAVE to abuse them so they somehow understand better.

Now that I have some time, here are some links just for you:

And how about those Stefan Molyneux videos as well :)