Comment: I have asked my son why he

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I have asked my son why he

I have asked my son why he has been aggressive. My wife gives my son so much positive attention that I am sure she has to be in the 99th percentile of doing so, but when she is busy doing something he will demand attention to the point where he will hit her.

When I ask him why he did that, he gets a frown on his face in defiance, and turns into a little Adolf Hitler demanding his way, as if he was running the show.

Putting his nose in a corner would not work, you would have to sit there wrestling with him the whole time. A timeout in his room would not work either, he would open the door and walk out. If you lock him in he is likely to damage the door and cost us money with the landlord.

I suppose I could take away his favorite toys and give him the silent treatment, but he would just hit you if you weren't paying attention to him. Don't get me wrong, my son is generally well behaved and it is not very often he gets in a bad mood, but when he does, he is strong willed, and a 4 year old boy doesn't know what he doesn't know, logical conversations are not something a child always grasps. If your child is playing with metal near a power socket, how do you explain to them the concept of electricity? Good luck with that.

I should also mention that my son instinctively knew about hitting on his own. He has figured that out on his own long before any spanking ever occurred. If he learned about hitting, it was from his DNA, not from his family. I bet there are lots of parents that have never spanked that have kids that know what hitting and biting is.