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Thanks for sharing

all of that with us Derrel. It was really interesting to learn more about you and it was really well written. Perhaps you could find a career in writing! So much of what you had to say struck a cord with me. My father too was a construction worker and he also was my best friend while he was alive. I miss him quite a bit and think the DP helps to fill that void a little bit because there are so few people you can actually talk to today who have such an intimate understanding of what is happening in our country and nearly everybody here does. My dad and I would spend hours and hours on the phone talking about it (used to drive my husband crazy!) I also lived in ignorant neo-con bliss and was convinced that the "state was great" until about 1999 when my dad first learned the truth about the income tax and shared it with me. After that, there was no going back.

It got me thinking too that it might be really fun and interesting to try to put together a "meet and greet" at some point for the all the DP members. I think it would be really great to actually meet the people that so many of us converse with on a regular basis and which we all have so much in common with. Perhaps it is something I'll run by Michael at some point (the paranoid types that wish to remain anonymous could always just wear a nametag with their screen name on in!). I don't know...just a thought.

Well anyways, thanks for sharing. :)