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As somewhat of an

As somewhat of an anarcho-capitalist of course I am against any kind of government coercion. In the "system" that I like to talk about, the kind that I believe ultimately Ron Paul would be for, you could, though, through contracts say that if a parent is found to be using the method of spanking the insurance and social insurance that the prices or agreements of the contract the parent would choose to purchase would either expire or continue with penalties or expire all together.

for example the school that you contract with could stop working with you, the insurance of your child could stop working with you, since your child now probably will cost more because of your, my assumption or opinion, negligence, because your child might cost more money to the company you contracted with, and so on and so on.. Then of course if you find a contract that permits spanking then there isn't much I can say or do. In fact, as it works right now, I cannot do anything today either. Spank your child, hit him, do whatever the fuck you want to do. I will still speak against it and denounce the behavior with all my heart.