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Yes, karaoke by all means! Although I would have to warn people to get the ear plugs out for me....singing is NOT one of my gifts! That is amazing about your dad, guess it just was not his time yet. You are very blessed to have such a good relationship with him and that he is still with you. Cancer got mine...seems to be an epidemic these days. I have never met anyone who enjoyed and loved life more than my dad and he lived every single day like it was a gift, even before he got sick. He fought the good fight with it, but they found it too late. It didn't keep him from doing everything he wanted to do up until the last couple of days. We even went for one last Vegas trip the month before he died. I aspire to live my life the same way, but some days it's easier said than done!

Maybe I'll do a post about the meet up and see what kind of response it gets. :)