Comment: You're welcome (((hasydelm))))

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You're welcome (((hasydelm))))

For several years I could hardly wait to get to the parking lot to buy everyone's goo balls (of course ,post were ganja goo), but I had to try all the recipes, and Bahkta's is a winner.

It's really important that you get the peanut butter honey mix right should be the consistancy of frosting. 1 cup peanut butter to 3/4 cup honey.. that's the glue, which isn't sticky because of the oil in the peanut butter. It is very healthy.. a great snack.. I don't refridgerate mine.. it doesn't last that long..

I make my goo balls BIG.. the size of a tennis ball.. I either roll mine in coconut or chopped nuts. Many folks add royal jelly, spiritulina, green/blue algee.. if you make ganja balls, then you need coconut to absorb the oil.

Anyways,, it only takes a few minutes to make, no baking.. I mix everything in a pyrex 1 qt glass pitcher. So a spoon and my pyrex is all I need to clean up when I'm done.

Have fun with it.. dried cheeries, pineapple, almond butter....