Comment: Practically everything you just said is false.

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Practically everything you just said is false.

Beginning with your first crazy statement: "Abortion has been practiced for over 3,000 years. So, it's completely irrational to suggest that there is some kind of "slippery slope" that will result in society becoming less moral."

So by your thinking since murder has been practiced since the dawn of man if we legalize murder it won't make a difference. Or since theft has been around for thousands of years if we legalize it then it won't make a difference. Makes your assumption sound very ignorant doesn't it.

There will always be degenerates, murderers, thieves and such but when society accepts and even encourages such behavior then society IS on that slippery slope.

Also ABORTION IS MURDER and is just as bad or worse than "thug who murders a store clerk during a robbery" as you put it. At least a store owner has the chance to fight back. It's definitely worse than killing the ones who perform murder in the first place.