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a person is not just one thing

sad, happy etc. this is basic rational thinking and you not getting that explains a lot.

Clint, is it possible for you to have an exchange without name calling, being offensive and condescending?

if you do a close reading PCR said Rand is a fool and prostituting himself for the warmongering neocons.

so only liberals lie? i see you've completely bought into the whole us against them idea (divide and conquer), something ron paul has railed against endlessly but still some boneheaded individuals must have their enemies (even within their own ranks! that's beyond sad, it's pathetic). publishing kucinich exactly makes my point. there is common ground, a concept that seems to go over your head or you just deny it's worthwhile. i'm pleased that the people at LRC and TRPI obviously disagree with you. with you the freedom movement would stay in one box and never expand. i'm thankful that the majority of liberty lovers i've met here do not think like you.

how do you explain away when PRC writes an article titled:
The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars
and a ton more anti-state articles?

i didn't say what his economic theories are. i simply said he was an economist, but since he's published at the ludwig von mises institute my guess is his ideas are a bit more complex and nuanced than you might think, although that wouldn't sit right with you since you've made it pretty clear you are an either/or thinker.

nice to see you've also exposed yourself as an ageist and a misogynist. no surprise there, it usually goes hand and hand with rigid black & white thinking and a lack of basic manners.