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The lease is up

Obama has been cutting back military spending, troops, occupations.. and with the NWO I don't see any reason the USA will hold it, afterall, it is the PTB who have the US population tired of war, being broke, and thinking that ending military is the solution. So they American people will get their solution, but it won't be what they had hoped in bringing peace and prosperity, but it will bring the exact opposite.

My guess is one day the computer won't go on, and no one will KNOW what's going on.. and this will go into days, and people will talk, and militas will form, and I think most folks won't have a clue when the collapse comes they will be so busy trying to figure out what's going on, like, "When is the military going to come to save us? And there will be no military to come to save them, but there will be a military that is not theirs to remove them to USA Palestine Style FEMA camp.