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True, he makes some

True, he makes some statements in that piece which I also can happily support. However, I think we should resist letting some statements which we like the sound of ring much louder in our ear than others which we like less.

I am sure, in that sense, some of the natural gas companies could likewise enthusiastically support a president that states, " I would do everything in my power to aggressively market and export America’s vast natural gas resources to Europe."

Instead we must take his position as a whole into account. Inconsistencies, should be critiqued not ignored simply for the sake of "unity".

Leaving Rand aside for a moment, we should not forget that their is a battle of ideas going on... and a central question is what our philosophy of government ought to be. In that regard, we should also not forget that one of the major strengths of the libertarian philosophy is in its high degree of consistency. In terms of mainstream competitors, it is perhaps unique in that way.

Rand, it seems clear, is attempting to walk a fine line. Like I said, it is perhaps the most political move I have personally seen Rand make. I imagine he is doing what he thinks is best. That is his own choice.

As far as I am aware, he has actually never claimed to be strictly "libertarian" anyhow. He actually might be less libertarian or more, right now it seems hard to say. Though, it certainly is true that he is currently the most libertarian senator, like Ron said.

So in making the post I am not suggesting that his seemingly inconsistent position here (in relation to the libertarian principle of "non-intervention") necessarily means he should not be supported. Not by any means. That decision is a judgement call that each person must make for themselves. Though if we believe that ideas (both true as well as false) do indeed have real consequences, we should not simply ignore an inconsistent position of those we sincerely want to support. Otherwise, everything can easily get lost in a morass.